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Affordable Dog Insurance

It is always a challenge to get the balance right between making sure your pet is properly protected while still ensuring that your dog insurance costs are affordable. It is perfectly possible to do, but you just need to take a little care when comparing quotes and looking for good value.

Some policies are cheaper because they are offering you a lower level of protection. This may mean that they have lower limits for how much they will pay for vets fees, etc, but it can sometimes mean that there are whole areas that are not covered. It can also mean that they are applying a much larger excess in the event of a claim. So the important thing when looking at quotes is to ensure you have enough detail to know if you are comparing like with like.

Let us look at some of the basic things that you can expect to be covered for with your dog insurance:

Affordable Dog Insurance - Veterinary Fees

This is probably the main reason people take out insurance and it tends to be uppermost in people’s minds when they are looking for an affordable policy. It is certainly a major factor that will affect the cost of your premiums. There are several variables in terms of covering vet fees, including the type of policy you opt for and the level of cover you get. Some policies operate on a purely annual basis so the cover lasts for one year and if your pet becomes ill and needs treatment during that year you can claim up until the end of your policy period, after which you cannot claim any more. This can be a clear disadvantage if your dog develops a longer term condition such as arthritis or diabetes that is going to cost money for the rest of your dog’s life.

There are less direct factors in dog insurance that relate to veterinary fees too. Vet fees do vary from one part of the country to another, and this will be reflected in your premiums depending on where you live. Some breeds of dog are known to cost more in vets fees on average than others, so that too is reflected in premiums. In other words the same insurance policy can cost more or less depending on what breed your dog is. Many of the larger breeds have higher costs, so you will often find that you need to pay more for a Great Dane, Wolf Hound, Old English Sheepdog, etc. The same applies to any breeds that are known to be more prone to certain conditions or illnesses.

Another issue related to vets fees is whether you want your cover to include the use of alternative therapies too. Many policies will include a certain amount that can be used to pay for complementary treatments, which is something that would not normally be covered under standard vets fees. If treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy or herbal medicines are things that you think you may wish to try, then you should ensure that this cover is provided for.

Affordable Dog Insurance - Behavioural Problems

When you take home a new puppy, it is difficult to envisage that cute little creature developing into a larger animal with behavioural problems, but this does happen and can be very difficult to address without expert help. Many policies will include cover to pay for treatment for any behavioural problems that your dog may develop.

Affordable Dog Insurance - Other Areas of Cover

One of the most important things that all policies should include is third party liability protection. This is about protecting you against claims by any third party for damage to property or personal injury by your dog. As you can imagine, claims of this nature can potentially be very significant, given legal costs and claims for damages, so the level of cover does need to reflect this. You will usually find that policies are providing at least £1m of cover for third party liability.

Another thing to look out for is provision for advertising costs in the event that your pet is lost or stolen. These can soon mount up and it is difficult to do an effective job of publicising the problem without spending quite a bit of money. Finally, there are things like kennel fees for if you are incapacitated and find that you are unable to look after your pet.

Finding Affordable Dog Insurance - Final Tips

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