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As a responsible pet owner, there are many good reasons for obtaining dog insurance cover for your canine friend. The fact is that having a pet dog comes with certain inevitable expenses and it is up to you to decide whether to take a chance and hope you can afford the costs that come along, or protect yourself with an appropriate policy. When you have a Great Dane as a pet, for instance, you need to make sure that it has a supply of good food and is taken to the vet for regular check-ups, medications and vaccines. In case your dog gets involved in an accident where it hurts someone while you are out or damages property, the dog insurance cover will take care of the expenses for you.

Just imagine how much of a mess you will be in if your dog were to bite a stranger while you are taking it out for a walk. You will be extremely lucky if you do not get sued, but you at least have to pay for the medical expenses of the person who got bitten by your dog. In today’s litigious society it is far more likely that you will be taken for legal costs and as many other expenses as possible too. With a dog insurance policy that includes third party liability, these eventualities will be provided for with financial coverage by the insurance company.

The Basics of Getting Dog Insurance Cover

Now, how are you supposed to go through the process of obtaining dog insurance plans? You can first visit a specialist insurance provider in your area and ask them about the options that you have as a pet owner. The most basic plan will provide the bare essentials of dog insurance cover for paying the veterinary fees in case your dog gets ill. The same dog insurance cover might provide coverage for any accidents which include your pet dog. There are even some dog insurance cover options which pays for the use of a kennel if you are unable to look after your dog in case you fall ill or suffer from an accident and are hospitalised.

Another thing that dog insurance cover spans is the expense related to advertising or reward money in case your dog gets lost or stolen. Finally, there is such a thing as a third party liability dog insurance cover which provides financial assistance in case you get sued because of the physical injury caused by your dog to a person, or damage to a property.

Dog Insurance Cover - Putting Your Pet First

Out of all the clauses in your dog insurance plan, the number one thing that you need to prioritise is the health and welfare of your dog. Remember that in the UK, the costs of insuring your dog for illness or accident depends on the ongoing veterinary rates in your area. There are also some dog breeds like Great Danes, bulldogs or mastiffs which cost more to insure than others, simply because the likely vet bills over the course of their lives are likely to be higher than for other breeds.

Since your dog insurance policy covers the costs related to the charges from the vet, you need to be aware of health concerns in every stage of your dog’s life that you need to insure against. To give you more of an idea about this, here are the specific stages in a dog’s life that you need to prepare for:

Possible health problems for puppies:
No matter what breed of dog it is that you own, you need to spend for spaying or neutering, as well as vaccinations or boosters. Some of the possible health risks that these young dogs are subject to include ingesting foreign bodies or other types of injuries.

Possible health problems for adult dogs:
For adult dogs, you can follow the rule prevention is better than cure. Taking preventative steps to keep your pet healthy at this stage in their lives is much better than having to treat a disease which may already be in their later, more painful stages. Some of the possible health problems that can occur to adult dogs include dental disease, ear or skin infections, bladder problems, vomiting or diarrhea.

Possible health problems for senior/older dogs:
Finally, dogs which are a bit older might experience any age-related problems like arthritis, heart disease, lumps or bumps on the skin or even cancer.

As you can see, part of being a responsible pet owner is making sure that all these health related problems are things that you are insured against. You can do just that by making a comparison of the different dog insurance plans available, and selecting one which best suits the current health needs of your pet.

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