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Why Choose Lifetime Dog Insurance Policies?

More and more people are realising the importance of pet insurance cover, not just in terms of protecting your own pocket from unforeseen costs, but in terms of making sure that your family pet is properly protected, whatever might happen. There are various types of cover available, but certain types of lifetime dog insurance are proving to be one of the most popular ways of ensuring the wellbeing of your dog.

The difference between lifetime dog insurance and other types of cover is essentially that your pet is protected in terms of things like veterinary fees for its entire life. The alternative of course is to have some form of cover which perhaps runs out annually. With annual cover your dog could develop a health problem near the end of your policy term and you would only have a short period of cover. When you wanted to renew it the condition your dog had would almost certainly not be covered by any new policy. This effectively spells the end of your insurance cover. That is why the best option is to set up a lifetime dog insurance plan from the start, so that you are properly covered whatever might happen.

Lifetime Dog Insurance - How Does It Work?

We all know that the cost of veterinary attention can be very high these days, so imagine the impact of your beloved dog developing an ongoing condition such as arthritis or a heart problem. This sort of problem will require ongoing treatment for the rest of your pet’s life. This is when a good insurance policy can save you a fortune, because the total costs of such treatment can be enormous. If you had to pay for all of that out of your own pocket, would you be able to afford to?

There are different types of dog insurance lifetime cover available, and one of the differences can be how the limit of cover works. Any aspect of cover, such as vet’s fees, or liability cover, will have an upper limit which is the most that the insurer will pay out. With some policies you will find that the limit applies to each year. So you can spend up to the limit in one year, then when the policies renews the next year you can spend the same limit again, etc. Other plans will have a maximum limit which applies across the life of your dog. So for the maximum cover with vet fees you could be claiming on that gradually across the years, or you may wish to use a large lump of it in one go if the need arises.

Even within lifetime dog insurance plans that take the same approach to how limits apply, there can still be huge variations in terms of what you get. With some companies you will be able to choose from a few different plans which offer different levels of cover. Part of the variation will be about the financial limit of cover for each thing insured, but there may also be cover for whole new areas with the more costly plans.

Lifetime Dog Insurance - What Else Is Covered?

Whatever policy you go for, you need to look a bit wider than just cover for vet’s bills. One of the key things that any dog owner should have cover for is third party liability. This is about protecting yourself against claims from other people (third parties) for personal injury or damage to property which has been caused by your pet. It is important not to think this is just something for people with badly behaved or dangerous dogs.

There are all sorts of possible ways someone may make a claim against you. One of the commonest is for dogs running in front of cars and causing accidents. However sad the outcome of such an incident may be for you, there may also be injuries or even fatalities to other parties, as well as property damage. You can see how the cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle or two and claims for personal injury and legal costs could soon amount to a significant sum.

Other fairly standard things that you should expect to be covered for are alternative or complementary treatments, advertising costs if your dog is missing and treatment for behavioural problems. If being able to use alternative forms of treatment such as acupuncture are important to you, it is vital to check whether this is covered. Some policies will have separate cover, whereas others will allow you to use a proportion of the veterinary fee cover for such treatments.

Lifetime Dog Insurance - Getting The Best Value

There are no great secrets to getting the best value when you need to insure your pet. The most obvious starting point is to shop around and compare quotes before committing to anything. The internet is a great tool for helping you to do this quickly and easily. Just make sure you are comparing plans that are offering you the same level of cover. A lower level of cover and greater excess should naturally cost you less, so that is not necessarily better value. Shopping online can also give you an immediate discount as many insurers offer substantial reductions for buying through their websites. If you have any other pets to insure, try to buy insurance for them all at the same time, as you will usually get a discount for more than one pet.

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